You may have noticed that I haven’t published a word in almost a month, and I’m sad to say that it isn’t because I’ve been working on something mega1 - it’s because of a little bit of A-Level stress 😔.

Whilst I adore writing the kind of long rambling posts that I’ve been doing so far, I currently don’t really have as much time or energy as I had earlier this year for writing them - unlike in the US where the stress gets concentrated around college applications and then finishes up2 by the time you get to the Spring semester, in the UK the stress slowly builds. Winter is spent doing university applications, and sprinting through content. The second spring began I had a huge set of mocks, and I’m now slowly finishing my specifications for the A-Levels I’m taking and I’ll be frank - it’s all starting to feel a bit real so the blog’s taken a bit of a backseat in the last month.

That having been said, the blog has been one of my favourite things to work on this academic year and I wouldn’t want to stop - all I’m saying is that posts might become a bit more low-effort. If I get the chance, I’ll happily try and get some more photos to add to or write some more programming deep-dives but no guarantees3. Whilst I’m usually a worth doing => worth doing well person, I also understand worth doing => worth being done badly in that it’s better to do something bad than not at all and I’d love to take myself out of the writing block caused by the former.

To summarise: jack have no time for long blog posts, so jack write short ones.

If you don’t want to see these ones, they’re all in their own category - Shorties so you can just ignore anything where that appears in the URL.

  1. Trust me, I’d love to have been doing that. ↩︎

  2. As far as I can tell??? Please feel free to ruthlessly correct me. I won’t lie - a worrying amount of my understanding about how US schools work comes from Mean Girls, Twilight & High School Musical. ↩︎

  3. Although here I’d adore to prove myself wrong. ↩︎